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Heating Jacket Wedge Gate Valve

Item No.: BZ41H、BZ41W、BZ41Y  
Calibre: DN50-400
Nominal Pressure: PN16~PN40
Description: Manual, flange connection, clear rod wedge rigid single gate, seat sealing surface material for alloy and stainless steel, nominal pressure PN16 to PN40, valve body material for carbon steel (BZ41H-16C- BZ41H-40 BZ41Y-16C BZ41Y-40), chromium nickel-titanium stainless steel (BZ41W-16P-BZ41W-40P BZ41Y-16P-BZ41Y-40P), chromium niobium titanium stainless steel (BZ41W-16R BZ41W-40R BZ41Y-16R to BZ41Y-40R), with insulation function of the gate valve. Mainly used in petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, pharmaceutical and other systems, can keep warm and prevent the crystallization of the medium, in order to transport at room temperature will solidify the high viscosity medium.


  1. The jacket is welded between the two flanges of the valve, and the side and bottom of the valve are equipped with the connecting port of the jacket.
  2. Connection flanges are one to two sizes larger than the connecting flanges of ordinary valves of the same specification, and the length of the structure is the same as that of ordinary valves of the same specification.
  3. The jacket can freely flow through steam or other hot insulation media, to ensure that the viscous medium can flow smoothly through the valve.
Product Performance of Item No. BZ41H、BZ41W、BZ41Y, PN16-40
Model No. PN Design Pressure
Medium Applicable Temperature
BZ41H-16C 16 1.6 Suitable to Oil and other Non-corrosive media ≤425℃
BZ41H-25 25 2.5
BZ41H-40 40 4.0
BZ41Y-16C 16 1.6
BZ41Y-25 25 2.5
BZ41Y-40 40 4.0
BZ41W-16P 16 1.6 Suitable to Weak Corrosive Media ≤150℃
BZ41W-25P 25 2.5
BZ41W-40P 40 4.0
BZ41Y-16P 16 1.6
BZ41Y-25P 25 2.5
BZ41W-40P 40 4.0
BZ41W-16R 16 1.6 Suitable to Flexible Corrosive Media ≤150℃
BZ41W-25R 25 2.5
BZ41Y-40R 40 4.0
BZ41Y-16R 16 1.6
JZ41Y-25R 25 2.5
JZ41Y-40R 40 4.0

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