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QV347 Ball Valve Manufacture
Product: V-Shape Ball Valve
Item No.: QV347,QV647,QV947  
Calibre: DN25-300
Nominal Pressure: 1.6~6.4 Mpa
Description: QV347, QV647, QV947 V-type ball valve due to the core with V-shaped structure, the seat has a shearing effect. Therefore, it is suitable for the control of the relevant process parameters in the suspended liquid medium containing fibers or tiny solid particles in industrial enterprises such as papermaking, chemical industry and metallurgy, especially for the automatic adjustment of the fluid and thick, turbid slurry fluid medium of suspended particles such as pulp and paper production.


Product Performance of Item No. BZ41H、BZ41W、BZ41Y, PN16-40
Model No. PN Design Pressure
Medium Applicable Temperature

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